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Hello all you aspiring writers!

As a creative writing student, I struggled to find my ‘voice’. I looked everywhere, from the majestic hilltops of the Alps to the high-rises of Manhattan; from the resplendent mansions of aristocratic lords, to the yachting lifestyles of rich New Yorkers. In the end, I found it in a tiny village in the suburbs of my own existence.


It was right there, waiting for me all along, while I traipsed all over the globe, searching in all the wrong places. Finally, exasperated, I acted on the best advice I have ever received about writing: look closer to home ground for your stories. I did just that, and haven’t looked back since.

Voice, to me, is nothing if not my soul. We each have a story to tell, a story that no one but ourselves is best qualified to tell; it is in just such a story that lingers our voice.

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