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Community cohesion through writing

Community cohesion, particularly amongst youngsters, is a much needed tool to strengthen today’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic societies. Harmony is a word that is thrown about everywhere, yet very few people actually look to do something to bring communities together by allowing youngsters to interact with each other via healthy and creative outlets. Aik Saath – Together as One, is a charity that has been working to promote harmony between communities in an area like Slough, that is rich in its ethnic diversity.

The power of the written word is such that it can reach the hearts of readers irrespective of their ethnicity, working as a tool to bridge gaps and promote cohesion. With this goal in mind, I have hooked up with Aik Saath to design a Creative Writing Workshop for youngsters of the ethnic Diaspora, that will allow them to express themselves and their unique views in a positive and constructive manner, while at the same time opening them up to the views of others, to arrive at a mutual understanding and acceptance of various cultures and ethnicities.

Diversity in no way means discord, rather its like a spray of different colours, each as radiant as the other, that when splashed on a monotone wall, can create a painting that is mesmerising in its beauty.

I will post updates about the Workshop as soon as things have been finalised. Meanwhile, a big thanks to Aik Saath for their role of promoting harmony in the community, which has no doubt positively impacted the lives of many youngsters!

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